Katty Schiebeck is a study of interiorism where projects of all kinds are made, from reform of dwellings up to development of commercial spaces.

Katty Schiebeck, designer of interiors settled in Barcelona, is considered one of the youngest promises of the present interiorism. The apartments that she designs appear in magazines of the whole world and cause furor on social nets as Pinterest or Tumblr. Her style combines a clear Scandinavian influence with the most characteristic contemporary Barcelonan design. Simplicity and minimalism melt each other with classical pieces and the retrieval of architectural elements that she finds in the spaces where she develops her designs.

Besides her work as interiorist she is a curator in the blog Somewhere I would like to live, two disciplines that complement each other up to de point of depending on one another.

The experience with the blog and her considerable impact on the sector have meant one of the central pillars of her work. The visual exercise that supposes the selection of her contents and the aesthetic development as the highest, is something that she takes to each one of her works “ The richness and demand that implies to work with images daily, it is the major source of inspiration for my creations and for me as a professional”

She explains that at the time of starting a new project she always looks for some unifying element of the design, as the recovery of the modernist mosaics on the floors, the use of concrete walls in all the spaces or using an enclosure in the kitchen as a structural element and decorative one at the same time. Once the starting point is defined she devotes to each one of the spaces, adapting them to the need of the client and being very rigorous with the palette of colors they have chosen. All that under an exhaustive control of the detail and the aesthetic demand. “I like to think in photos, all that that works in images, it must work in reality. I think that the fact of watching so many images every day, makes me be rigorous with the aesthetic result”

Katty Schiebeck is an example of how new technologies and the access to the information are changing our realities and not only in the everyday but also, as in her case, in the creative process.