Concrete loft in Gracia

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An apartment of 70m2 located in the highland of the Barrio de Gracia in Barcelona. It is a remodeling of an old industrial local reconverted in 6 dwelling intended for tourist development of high standard. What we needed was to get the interiors were impressive since the aim of the reform was to capture as much public as possible. The clients would choose those apartments for rent through images and hence the importance of getting the project visually outstands. We chose to use concrete slabs on walls and on the floor, it was a risky bet because it is a cold finish and not very welcoming for a dwelling but it  turns out very sophisticated to enjoy a few days in the city. The amount of light we had, having big windows, allowed us using this resource.

That defined very much the rest of the project, we continued using dark colors to get that atmosphere of sophistication. On the other hand we used wooden elements and carpets to counter and give warmth to the whole.  It was easy to work  on a material that has so much strength, the furniture highlighted a lot and that´s why we chose pieces with much character, as the mirror and the screen in the bathroom, or the light tables made out of wood logs in the room. The photographic portraits transmit proximity and human warmth to the spaces.