Muntaner, Barcelona

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It is an apartment of 160m2, located on street Muntaner in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi in Barcelona, we made a whole reform of all the space. The initial distribution did not allow that the kitchen had enough natural light, so we decided to make two openings on the master wall that separated living room and kitchen. Equally we wanted to keep the rooms independent from each other, so we chose a crystal enclosure. This way we got that the kitchen had enough natural light and at the same time it remained separated from the rest of the spaces. We wanted the enclosure were a decorative element and we convert it into a main axle. Therefore we finished it giving it a rusty termination to integrate it in a better way with the gamut of colors we were working with. In the kitchen we decided to use a wooden design and we respected the floors of mosaics there were originally there, very common in the modernist buildings of Barcelona. That way we showed the initial place of the kitchen.

In the living room we wanted to work a minimalist design and at the same time a cozy one, that´s why we chose white color and this way to maximize the same idea of light than the one in the kitchen. Afterwards we used wood to get warmth. In order to give it a more sophisticated touch among so much wood we designed the table with marble to give it this way more prominence.