Katty Schiebeck

Studio Director

“I like finding balance in a space where functionality and aesthetics blend in a way where each element can stand on its own.”





“Her projects about interior design and architecture combine  Belgian influences with a Mediterranean character resulting in a style both warm and appealing to the senses.”


“Her characteristic elegance is reflected in the sophistication of detail and the ripeness of her designs.”


“Katty Schiebeck’s work goes beyond formulas and ‘-isms’. Her designs are reinvented with the aim in mind to remain faithful to both, visual demands and the functionality of her projects.”


Katty Schiebeck, designer and interiorist of Uruguayan extraction and based in Barcelona, Spain, is the founder and director of the Katty Schiebeck Studio. Their projects comprise a wide range of interests from interior design and architecture to furniture design at world-wide level, always striving to find solutions through an esthetic language essentially inherent to luxurious environments.

Their style is characterized by the strong attention paid to detail in spaces which are concomittantly warm and neutral.

Their state-of-the-art approach defines subdued surroundings  both soft and quasi-sculptorical. Purity of materials coupled with an unobtrusive palette and textures bestow an elegant,  timeless personality adapted to each project, with the aim of consistently seeking excellence.