Nabr, Silicon Valley, California.

Designed in collaboration with Bjarke Ingels Group, SoFA One will bring more than 100 personalized, sustainable homes to downtown San Jose’s most vibrant neighborhood. This residential project located in San Jose, California, is a continuation of Katty Schiebeck’s regal style with a rather more domestic, yet equally sophisticated twist. A project that strives to fuse […]

Qatar Palace

Interior design bedroom Qatar Palace | Katty Schiebeck

Palace located in the capital of Qatar. An 8.000 square-metre grand-scale residential project. The space is made up by several areas clearly differentiated which meet the specific requirements of the residents. The style prevailing in the entire design speaks of an interiorism far removed from arabesque reminiscences yet mantaining the organic tonalities of the Doha […]

Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong.

In the picturesque shores of Deep Water Bay in Hong Kong, this project involved the refurbishment of a 190-square metre apartment, adopting the essence of Japanese aesthetics with a touch of minimalism. From the principles of balance and simplicity, our design journey began by embracing the natural elements of wood and stone from the very […]


Interior design living room Lisbon | Katty Schiebeck

Design of a residential apartment in the historical centre of Lisbon.The location is unique and the project outline can be defined as avantgarde yet simple at the same time.The actual building architectural legacy has been respected in the design of this project which preserves its inherent aesthetics while blending in some contemporary elements.The high-quality materials […]

Bilú Riviera, Montevideo,Uruguay.

A 420-square metre residential, refurbishing project in Montevideo, Uruguay. The sun light as the main feature of this welcoming apartment on the Uruguayan coast affected and defined the entire interior design decision-making, where every single item was curated to enhance the day-to-day lives of its residents. As a result, the luxurious space and designer pieces […]


Interior design bedroom India | Katty Schiebeck

Residential project located in India, this 12.000m2 building. aims at immersing its inhabitants not in a mere space but in a lifestyle altogether. Centered in the rawness of the materials and its unquestionable beauty, the residence outline is blessed with the amazing light flow of its enormous windows and its luminosity shapes the volume and […]

SIMON Headquarters, Barcelona.

Interior design headquarters Barcelona general | Katty Schiebeck

This 13.000 square meter project is the headquarters of Simon, a large firm located in the city of Barcelona. The markedly industrial style of the huge project aims at striking a perfect balance between the past and the future of the company: the historical footprint of a recovered building which has been transformed to become […]

Passeig de Concepció

Interior design room Passeig Concepció | Katty Schiebeck

Refurbished Aparthotel Building, Barcelona. Project aimed at providing accomodation of travellers. Seven high-standing units which make the most out of the daylight input. Bearing this in mind, both orientation and the actual internal structures maximize the light potential through the existing large windows. The elements selected ooze with personality yet are faithful to a design […]

Passeig de Gràcia

400-sq.metre refurbished apartment in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. Tourist accomodation. Set in the upmarket Barcelona avenue, this is a high-standing apartment aimed at accomodating travellers from abroad. A project seeking sophistication through high quality materials and choice design items.  The priviledged light of this city blends beautifully with the warm colour palette used and the […]