Passeig de Concepció

Refurbished Aparthotel Building, Barcelona.

Project aimed at providing accomodation of travellers. Seven high-standing units which make the most out of the daylight input. Bearing this in mind, both orientation and the actual internal structures maximize the light potential through the existing large windows.

The elements selected ooze with personality yet are faithful to a design of pure lines which break the austerity of the space, in an attempt to find  balance between aesthetics and functionality. The exposed structural features and the generous use of white colour modelling the space through the use of the light available, specked with marble and other high quality materials, amount to a light yet sophisticated design.

Luxury design for an aparthotel in Passeig de la Concepció, Barcelona, Spain.

High end interior design for Passeig de la Concepció aparhotel building by Katty Schiebeck.